- Self-supervised ECG Representation Learning for Emotion Recognition

* Code

Published version in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing

Arxiv version

Conference version, published in ICASSP 2019

* Conference version (ICASSP) on Arxiv

- FluentNet: End-to-End Detection of Speech Disfluency with Deep Learning

* Dataset: UCLASS annotations 

* Dataset: LibriStutter

*** If you require access to the UCLASS (annotations) or LibriStutter (dataset + annotations), please email me at, and explain the reason for your request and the type of research you intent to do. Please note that commercial use of the data is not permitted. We also require that you cite our two papers below should your research using the two datasets result in a publication. If you require both items, please send two separate requests via separate emails.

* Journal paper on Arxiv (under review for publication)

* Conference version, published in ICASSP 2019 

* Conference version (ICASSP) on Arxiv