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The team, 2019


Ali Etemad
Lab Director

Ali is the Director of Aiim, and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Queen's University. You can visit his website at:

Alireza Sepas-Moghaddam
Postdoctoral Fellow, ECE

Alireza is a postdoctoral fellow at Aiim. His work is focused on facial recognition and affective computing in smart environments. He earned his PhD from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal.

Gelareh Hajian
PhD Candidate, ECE

Gelareh is a PhD candidate working on bio-signal and motion analysis, and co-supervised by Prof. Evelyn Morin (Department of ECE). She received her MASc from Razi University.

Will Mueller
MASc Student, ECE

Will works on deep learning with mobile devices for health applications. He is co-supervised by Prof. Kevin Woo (School of Nursing). Will received his BSc from Queen's University.

Arthur Araújo
MASc Student, ECE

Arthur is an MASc student at the lab. His research is on machine learning and in collaboratin with Innovapost. He was previously at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande in Brazil.

Vandad Davoodnia
MASc Student, ECE

Vandad works on affective computing with machine learning, wearable technologies, and IoT systems. He received his BSc from Sharif University, Iran.

Kyle Ross
MASc Candidate, ECE

Kyle is an MASc student working on adaptive and intelligent virtual and augmented reality. He is co-supervised by Prof. Paul Hungler (Department of Chemical Engineering) and was previously at Queen's.

Tedd Kourkounakis
MASc Student (accel.), ECE

Tedd is an accelerated MASc student, working on using machine learning on speech and posture analysis. He has been a student at Queen's for his BSc. He is co-supervised with Prof. Jim Hamilton from the School of Business.

Amirhossein Hajavi
PhD Student, ECE

Amirhossein is a PhD candidate working on speech analysis using machine learning and deep learning. He was previously at the University of Tehran.

Patrick Zhang
PhD Student, ECE

Patrick is a PhD student and a research assistant working on EEG analysis with machine/deep learning for interactive IoT applications. He previously completed his master's at Queen's University.

Pritam Sarkar
MASc Student, ECE

Pritam is an MASc student and works on wearable-based bio-signal analysis with machine learning. He was previously at West Bengal University of Technology, India.

Saeed Ghorbani
PhD Candidate, ECE

Saeed is a PhD candidate working on computer vision for virtual and augmented reality, and co-supervised by Prof. Niko Troje (Centre for Vision Research, York University). He was previously at Sharif University, Iran, and University of Wollongong, Australia.

Hardik Uppal
MEng Student, ECE

Hardik is an MASc student working on analysis of facial images with deep learning techniques. He received his BSc from Guru Nanak Dev University. 

Gaganjot Singh
MEng Student, ECE

Gaganjot is an MEng student working on generative adversarial networks. He completed his BSc at Punjab Technical University.

Saina Madelat
Visiting Researcher, ECE

Saina is a visiting researcher working on bio-signal analysis with machine learning techniques. She was previously at Islamic Azad University.




- Monet Slinowsky, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA), 2018

- Xiaoyi (Sean) Wang, Visitng Student, 2018